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Underwater Explorers Make Surprising Discovery at Bottom of Lake: ‘They Aren’t Supposed to Be There’


"[W]e haven't been able to identify them."

Image source: Screen grab via YouTube

A team of shipwreck explorers made an unexpected discovery at the bottom of Lake Ontario during a recent dive — and they say what they found shouldn't have been there.

According to, the shipwreck enthusiasts discovered two canal boats that may date back to the mid-1800s resting on the lake floor.

Image source: Screen grab via YouTube

"They aren't suppose to be there," Jim Kennard, a member of the team, told the website. "What is a canal boat doing out there?"

[sharequote align="center"]"They aren't suppose to be there."[/sharequote]

The explorers said that the discovery was particularly unusual because the vessels weren't normally used on open water, the Associated Press reported.

Kennard speculates the owners tried to use their vessels to travel over the lake. However, he added to that no canal boat could survive Lake Ontario's unpredictable conditions.

"They took a risk," he said.

Image source: Screen grab via YouTube

Usually the underwater explorers wouldn't announce the discovery until they are able to identify exactly what it is they have found, but this time things were different.

"We like to put a name to these boats first, but we haven't been able to identify them," Kennard told

Both boats were found within a few miles from each other.

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