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Want to See a Patriots Press Conference Meltdown? Watch the 'SNL' Version


"I don't worry about the air pressure inside the ball. That's nerd stuff."

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Did one of the most fiercely loved and hated teams in the NFL cheat?

"Saturday Night Live" took on the issue of the week: The NFL being rocked by a scandal "that actually has something to do with football."

Mocking the New England Patriots Saturday press conference, in which coach Bill Belichick adamantly denied that his team purposefully deflated footballs in last week's game against the Indianapolis Colts, "SNL" put their own "Belichick" behind the podium.

He quickly threw quarterback Tom Brady under the bus.

"I love him like a son, but more like an estranged son that I wouldn't trust around a football," Belichick said, saying if anyone deflated a ball, it was Brady.

"I don't worry about the air pressure inside the ball," Brady was quick to say. "That's nerd stuff."

It takes an assistant equipment coach to bring the painful truth to the assembled "reporters" — watch the clip below (content warning: mild language):

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