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When You Watch This Anchor Make One of the Toughest Announcements a Person Can Make, You'll Understand Why People Are Heartbroken


"It was a great ride, Larry."

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He was a familiar face and voice in his region for nearly 40 years — but sadly, no longer.

For 39 years, Larry Stogner anchored WTVD-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina's channel ABC11.

On Friday, he told his audience that he'd be retiring due to being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease — ALS.

"For nearly four decades I have met you right here, usually at 6," Stogner said. "Boy, we've seen a lot of change over those years, but we have to stop meeting this way."

Watch Stogner's emotional announcement below:

Coworkers poured out their sympathies on Twitter after Stogner made his announcement...

...and on Reddit, where the video of Stogner's announcement made waves late Tuesday, commenters praised his composure.

"His ability to keep it together through that beautiful speech is admirable," one commenter wrote. "I can't say I managed to do the same."

Others recalled their memories of Stogner's newscasts.

"When I used to go to my dad's house for weekends, he'd watch ABC11 and I'd watch with him," one North Carolina commenter wrote. "We did that for about 5-6 years, so Larry and the rest of the ABC11 team has been a major part of my childhood. Sad to see him go, but it's made even sadder due to it being from ALS."

"I grew up with this guy as my source of news," wrote another commenter. "He's been with ABC11 for as long as I can remember. He always struck me as a good, solid, responsible journalist. I'll miss him on the news. It was a great ride, Larry. Good luck and godspeed."

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