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Going to the Super Bowl? Get pumped up...for a greener flight!

New England Patriots fan Anthony Monaco, of the South Boston neighborhood of Boston, waits in line for his flight to Phoenix, at Logan Airport in Boston, Monday, Jan. 26, 2015. Monaco, who has Super Bowl tickets, hopes to fly out of the Boston before a winter storm that is expected to hit the area with about two feet of snow in the winter storm. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The Federal Aviation Administration put out a slick video Thursday boasting that people flying to Arizona for Super Bowl Sunday will get there on planes guided by a new generation of technology that will get them there more directly and with less fuel.

"If you're a Seahawk that's spreading its wings and departing Seattle, headed for Phoenix, then you want to get there knowing that your flight was green," the FAA said. "NextGen technology flies more direct paths, flying fewer miles means burning less fuel, and less CO2, creating more clean air for all of the fans."

"If you're a Patriot, it's all about freedom," it continued. "Demand the new and direct routes that you can get today when you refuse to be confined by a flight path of ground-based navigational lanes."

NextGen is an initiative to be implemented over the next 10 years that will turn the air traffic control system into one based on satellite technology instead of land-based guidance systems. The FAA notes that today, planes fly routes over ground-based radar towers, but says a satellite-based system will allow for short, more direct flights.

"Both Patriots and Seahawks will ride the current on a smooth arrival, thanks to the new NextGen initiative that allows the plane to pull back the throttle and glide down the runaway on a precise and reliable path."

"Safer, greener, more predictable and more efficient. NextGen is the MVP of the skies."

So far, talk of the Super Bowl has been less about green air travel and much more about allegations that the New England Patriots may have cheated in the AFC championship game by deflating footballs used in the game. Others have even discussed how the actual game might play out.

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