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Pregnant Utah Woman Was Speeding Down the Interstate to Get to the Hospital When She Realized She Had Run Out of Time


"The baby is coming!"

A pregnant woman who didn't make it to the hospital in time after her water broke ended up delivering her baby inside of her car on Saturday.

Devi Mariah Ostler dropped her 6-year-old son off at her mother's house when she started having contractions. She immediately jumped in her vehicle and sped 75 mph in an effort to reach the hospital, but simply didn't have enough time to get there before her water broke.

Ostler called 911 and told emergency personnel about her plight before pulling over and giving birth to the nearly 10-pound baby boy on the side of Interstate 15 in Utah, according to the Associated Press.

Listen to part of her emergency call below:

"I'm trying to get over into the other lane — I need to push!" she told the dispatcher. "The baby is coming!"

Police Chief Jean Loveland of the town of Willard and Utah Highway Patrol trooper Josh Carr were able to reach Ostler less than a minute and a half before she delivered the baby, helping assist her in the process.

Carr told KSL-TV that there was no time to be scared or to panic and that his primary concern was for the baby's welfare. In the end, though, he said that the situation ended beautifully.

"He came right out in my hands. It was very emotional," Carr said. "Probably next to my own children's' birth, it was a very satisfying moment in my career."

Ostler told reporters Sunday that she remained calm during the dilemma, as getting stressed out wouldn't have helped the situation.

"I knew the baby was coming and it doesn't help to panic," she told KSL-TV. "So, I just stayed calm and said, 'Well, if I deliver it on my own then I deliver it on my own. If somebody gets here, somebody gets here. The baby is here. There's not much more I can do about it.'"

This is Ostler's third child. As of Sunday she hadn't yet named him.

(H/T: Gawker)

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