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Eric Holder questions the logic of Congress for keeping him around so long


Eric Holder on Tuesday openly wondered if Congress is playing with a full deck, since Republicans have the power to quickly remove him, but still haven't.

Holder's logic went something like this: Republicans roundly hate Holder, and could get rid of him once and for all by appointing U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as his replacement. However, Republicans have delayed Lynch's nomination, as a few Senate Republicans are looking for more detailed answers from her on several key issues.

The delay has left some Democrats saying Republicans are only delaying the nomination because Lynch is a woman.

Holder admitted the delay has him scratching his head over why he's not gone yet, and indicated this delay isn't logical.

"You would think in some ways that… Loretta's process would be sped up given their desire to see me out of office," he said. "Be that as it may… logic's never necessarily a guide up there."

Tuesday afternoon, however, one prominent House Republican said the GOP may be operating under some form of logic after all. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said in a tweet that Lynch would actually be worse than Holder:

Holder made his comments after being asked when the Justice Department would finish its civil rights investigations into whether police in Ferguson, Missouri, would be finished before he leaves office. Holder said he believes that work will wrap up quickly, but acknowledged it's not clear when he'll leave, since Congress has yet to confirm Lynch.

Holder has said he would stay in office until the Senate confirms a replacement.

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