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Please Pray': Popular Christian Singer Stuns Fans With Open Letter Revealing Personal Struggle


"Please pray for...God's peace for my family."

In a brief open letter to fans posted to the Casting Crowns official Facebook page on Thursday, Mark Hall, the lead vocalist for the popular Christian band, revealed that doctors recently found a solid mass in his right kidney and that they are "90 percent sure it's cancer."

Hall, who said that he will have his kidney removed next week, asked fans for prayer as he copes with the medical ordeal.

"[Doctors] are 90% sure it's cancer and they are going to remove the entire kidney next Wednesday, March 11th," the singer wrote. "They believe the cancer is contained in the kidney, which is also a great hope. They will know more once it is out and pathology can see it."

Hall asked fans to offer up prayers, as he will be out of commission and recovering for the next month or so.

"Please pray for healing and for God's peace for my family," he wrote.

The singer signed the letter with the line "Praising Him in This Storm," a reference to the Casting Crowns' hit song, "Praise You in This Storm," which encourages listeners to focus upon God during life's difficult seasons.

Not long after the note was published, thousands of fans "liked" and shared the status, with many publicly posting their prayers and well-wishes for Hall and his family.

Read his moving letter below:

At least one Casting Crowns concert scheduled for next month in Pikeville, Kentucky, has been postponed until May 7 following the news.

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