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Beck Says This Is How Europe Could Become a 'Union of Fascistic States' in a Battle Between Russia and the Islamic State


"Most people don't remember. Believe me, the Muslims do."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program March 16, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Monday warned that Europe could become a "union of fascistic states" in a battle between the Islamic State and Russia. As the Islamic State attempts to push west, he said, Russia will position itself as the one to combat the threat.

"Russia is playing for this part of the world," Beck said, indicating a map of a Europe. "They want their old territory back, and then some. ... Putin is sending all of this money over to Europe because he's saying, 'The Christians have lost their way. The United States of America is not standing up for Christendom anymore. Who's really standing up?'"

Beck said France and Spain are "key" in what could be a future battle between Russia and the Islamic State.

"Pope Clement V in the 14th century relocated the seat of the Catholic church to Avignon, France," Beck said. "Most people don't remember. Believe me, the Muslims do. It was Pope Clement who gave the order to send the Crusades out to the Levant -- as in the 'L' in ISIL. So to them, they would be fighting the armies of Rome when they target France. Their symbolic target I don't believe will be the Eiffel Tower. I think they'll go for something sacred like the Cathedral at Notre Dame, or maybe something in Avignon."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program March 16, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said a series of Islamic State attacks in Europe would throw the continent into "turmoil," and Russia would quickly step in as the one to restore order. Though Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was "ready" to use nuclear weapons during last year’s tensions over the Crimean Peninsula, Beck said Russia can establish control without a "bloodbath" by saying they are the ones to defend the Christian faith.

"And Christians are going to become important again when you have an economic depression and when you have people being beheaded," Beck said.

"All of the sudden people are going to turn back to God. When you have nothing else, you turn back to God."

Beck said Russia has funded fascist movements in Germany, Greece, Italy France and Spain, and as the Islamic State sets the world "on fire," the United States will be "dropping back" and letting Russia's influence expand.

"The question this time will be, 'Who do you want to go with? Do you want to go with ISIS or the fascists in Russia?'" Beck remarked. "We'll all say, 'Go with the fascists.' Everybody in Europe will say, 'Go with the fascists.' So this line of Atlantic Resolve will be gone. And Russia will push all the way through. ... So your battleground is Europe. And in the end, Russia will have Europe because we'll help them take it."

"And this theory doesn't necessarily mean that there is no France anymore?" Beck's co-host Stu Burguiere asked. "You're talking about influence. You're talking about destabilization?"

"You're talking about a union of fascistic states," Beck remarked. "I don't know how it looks. I don't know when it happens."

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