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Do You See the Creepy Figure This Woman Noticed in the Background After Taking Picture With Her Nephew?


"Although we can't see the face of the figure the rest of it is as clear as day."

Source: Bethany Hamilton via The Mirror

Bethany Hamilton says a lot of "creepy" things happen in her house. This one may take the cake.

Earlier this month, Hamilton was taking a Snapchat selfie with her nephew when her sister "photobombed" the two of them. But as Hamilton would claim later, her sister wasn't the only one. Take a look in the background and see if you can notice a fourth person in the picture:

Do you see what Hamilton says is a woman, hands folded, in the background?

"A friend of mine came to my house that night and pointed out what looks to be a woman with her hands folded on her knees in the background, baring in mind the picture was taken facing the living room door," Hamilton told the Mirror.

"Although we can't see the face of the figure the rest of it is as clear as day."

"There was nobody else in the living room at the time, except for the ghost girl in the purple dress," she contends.

She said she refuses to go in the living room in the dark now.

The whole thing is reminiscent of what two Australian women recently noticed in the background of their photo.

What do you think? Ghostly figure, Photoshop or coincidence?

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