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NHL Player Thought He Got Hit in the Face With the Puck — It Ended up Being Much More Hilarious


"He looks like a pirate!"

Image source: YouTube

Dallas Stars' defenseman Patrik Nemeth was protecting his team's zone against an attack from the Calgary Flames when a shot deflected off his stick and headed towards his face.

Image source: YouTube

Nemeth bent over and reached towards his head as it became apparent he was hit near the eye by the puck.

Fortunately, the puck did not make a direct hit on his face, but something odd did end up happening: The puck got stuck between his left eye and the visor on his protective facemask.

Image source: YouTube

Seconds later, Nemeth removed the puck and smiled, realizing he probably made the night's highlight reel.

Image source: YouTube

Watch the clip from the NHL:


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