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Dennis Prager's dire observations: Evil's advantage over good and how 'We are bequeathing to our children moral chaos' (Audio)


'[T]he purpose of college is to make you a moral idiot.'

Dennis Prager (Photo Credit: Nate Mandos)

Nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager has a simple but profound new book out echoing his recent Prager University video series on the same topic titled "The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code." The slender, readily accessible title carries a punch many orders of magnitude beyond its size, leading readers young and old alike to examine their most deeply held beliefs.

I had the chance to discuss the book with Mr. Prager during an in-depth interview at TheBlaze's office in New York, which you can listen to in full here. In one particularly interesting portion of our conversation we discussed good versus evil, which led to some keen but dire insights. Prager stated:

[sharequote align="center"]"Evil has a great advantage over good."[/sharequote]

Good is only achievable one, by one, by one. Evil has a great advantage over good. One pilot can slaughter 149 people. But there is almost no one on Earth who can save 149 lives. Evil has the advantage. One can do massive evil, almost no one can do massive good.

Good is achieved -- "You don't steal." Now isn't it interesting: It's all in the singular. You don't know that because Hebrew doesn't have a plural you ... It's all "You, honor your parents." "You don't steal." "You don't commit adultery." In the singular.

Given Prager's belief that evil has the advantage over good, I then asked him what are we to make of the situation in the world today in which practically all of America's foes -- whose political systems are antithetical to the Ten Commandments -- are ascendant. The radio host and author continued:

...We are bequeathing to our children moral chaos. And if our children and grandchildren hate the "Baby Boomer" generation, after we're gone, they have every right to.

We are without question the stupidest generation in American history. And there were two big reasons for that. There are many big reasons, two of the biggest are television and college.

College makes you morally stupid. Some people survive that, some people will grow up by 50 or 60. But that is, the purpose of college is to make you a moral idiot.

[instory-book ISBN="9781621574170"]

People -- they don't understand the difference between "murder" and "killing."

When I wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times [that] there was "moral killing," you should have read the letters from academics and from people who had graduated from college and graduate school.

They were so morally stupid...

In other words, a guy that only went to high school would say, "Of course this guy's right. Sometimes it's moral to kill."

But if you go to graduate school in liberal arts, it's a morally confusing idea that killing may be moral.

So we have bequeathed to them -- you know when I speak to college kids I say "I want to thank you on behalf of my generation for taking on my debts. You are truly the most generous generation in history. Thanks a million -- actually thanks a trillion."

And that's -- then the moral chaos -- the experimentation with kids now. Look, if a kid at six [years old] feels that he's a girl, then he goes to the girl's room. It's experimentation.

It's not better to have a Mom and Dad, so long as parents are loving.

I'm asked all the time and I debate this issue: "Well Dennis, would you prefer a loving gay couple or a dysfunctional abusive heterosexual couple?"

Of course the answer is a loving gay couple.

But the question is meaningless. I'll ask this one: "Would you prefer a loving orphanage to a dysfunctional abusive gay couple?"

They would say a loving orphanage. So is that the case for orphanages?

The question is meaningless, but it sounds to people like it's profound.

During the interview, which you can listen to in full below, we also had the chance to discuss several other topics including:

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