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Take a Look at These 14 Peculiar 'Barcodes.' You'll Gasp When You Recognize the Story Inside Each One.


"...it's mirrored in the barcode..."

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They're some of the most instantly recognizable stories of our time — and they're composed of lush colors.

From the friendly browns of "Toy Story"...

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...to the aquatic blues of "Finding Nemo"...

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...the movies produced by Pixar are known both for their absorbing color palettes as well as their storytelling.

On Friday, Reddit user Armand9x posted a gallery of all 14 Pixar feature films reduced to their "color barcodes."

"[M]y favourite thing about the barcodes," Armand9x wrote, "[is that] you can see the different scene segments from the colors alone!"

Reddit users reacted with awe, noticing iconic scenes displayed in pure color.

"The jellyfish in 'Finding Nemo' is [a] very pretty sequence in the movie, and it's mirrored in the barcode," one user wrote. "Very cool."

Another commenter noticed a tragic scene, writing, "Oh god the fiery piece in Toy Story 3," prompting other commenters to chime in with links to this prank video about a mom who was lead to believe "Toy Story 3" ended in a heartbreaking way (don't worry: "Toy Story 4" is still slated for 2017).

See all 14 gorgeous images in the gallery below:

Pixar Color Barcodes

See even more of Armand9x's work — including "The Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars" and Disney animated movies here.

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