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God Bless Him, Do We Really Have to Hear About It?': Fox Guest Says He Knows What Really Motivated the Bruce Jenner Transgender Interview


"Everything is for sale."

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They'll sell just about anything to get eyeballs on screens.

That was the message from National Review editor Rich Lowry on one of the most buzzed-about stories in America.

In a long-awaited interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer televised Friday night, Bruce Jenner declared to America, "For all intents and purposes, I am a woman."

Fox News' "The Kelly File" aired in the same time slot as the Jenner interview, and Megyn Kelly brought on a few guests to discuss the issue.

Here's what Lowry had to say about Jenner's public transition:

"It’s about what it always is about with the Kardashians. It’s about spectacle, ratings and ultimately, money."

He noted the mercenary fashion in which Kim Kardashian's multiple weddings have been sold to an eager viewing public and saying, "everything is for sale" with the showbiz clan.

"God bless him, do we really have to hear about it?" Lowry said of Jenner's transgender journey. "Does there really have to be a reality show about it? And the answer in contemporary America is yes."

Watch the discussion below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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