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The Appalling Behavior of North Korean Officials at U.N. Human Rights Event Had U.S. Ambassador Demanding Mics Be Cut


"You are human scum! You are human scum!"

North Korean representatives interrupt U.N. panel on human rights. (Image credit InnerCity Press/YouTube)

North Korean officials seemingly heckled speakers at a United Nations human rights event on Thursday, according to social media reports and video posted to Facebook.

Karin Perro, who describes herself as a human rights associate at the United Nations, wrote that prison camp survivors were describing forced hard labor, beatings, torture, executions and political brainwashing when the proceedings were disrupted by the North Korean delegation.

Sherwin Bryce-Pease added that U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power threatened to call security on those attempting to shout over the victims, and the meeting was able to resume shortly thereafter. Power also reportedly asked that their microphones be turned off.

"Please shut the mic down... please make sure the mic is not live," she is quoted as saying.

You can see video of the interruption, below (the chants begin around 30 seconds in):

During a testimony by victims of North Korea human rights violations, interruption by #DPRK officials and opposing chants from North Korean victims

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Ahmed Fathi on Thursday, 30 April 2015

Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press reported that the hecklers called the panelists "garbage."

Video showing members of the delegation leaving the meeting captures an unidentified person shouting after them: "You are human scum! You are human scum! You are human scum!"

You can watch the video from Inner City Press below ("human scum" comments around 2:40):

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