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Sports Anchor Wins Emmy Award, Then Surprises Everyone With What He Did Next on Stage


"As for this, there's only one place it belongs..."

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Tuesday night's Sports Emmy Awards ceremony in New York City delivered a touching moment as TNT's veteran anchor, Ernie Johnson, took the Emmy he had just won and gave it away.

Image source: YouTube

Johnson, a three-time Emmy winner surprised everyone during his acceptance speech when he picked up the trophy and announced, "As for this, there's only one place it belongs, and that's on the mantle at Stuart Scott's house."

Scott was the veteran ESPN anchor who lost his battle with cancer in early January.

The crowd stood and cheered as TNT anchor invited Taelor and Sydni, Scott's daughters, to come to the stage, telling them, "Like a lot of people in this room, I loved your dad."

Johnson, who fought and beat cancer himself in 2006, was visibly emotional, recalling the encouraging messages he exchanged with Scott during his treatment: "You may have cancer, but it doesn't have you. And you just fight, and you lean in on people who love you."

As he handed the award to the girls, Johnson added, "We loved Stuart Scott, this is your Emmy."

Image source: YouTube

Within minutes, social media outlets were buzzing with praise for Johnson's move.

Watch the emotional moment:

Sports Illustrated covered the story for the magazine's online readers.


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