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Pamela Geller Clashes With Liberal Commentator Over Muhammad Cartoon Contest: 'She Is Like a Pyromaniac


"She intentionally was provocative in her actions."

As the national debate continues over the Muhammad cartoon contest at the center of Sunday night's shooting in Garland, Texas, liberal commentator Juan Williams confronted contest organizer Pamela Geller on Thursday night, likening her to a "pyromaniac" who is all about "self-promotion" during a heated "Hannity" appearance.

Williams, who said he's an advocate for free speech, proceeded to open his remarks by critiquing Geller's tactics.

"I think … that she is like a pyromaniac who goes before the judge and says, 'Oh, yeah we're setting those fires just to see how fast the fire department can respond," he said. "She intentionally was provocative in her actions."

But while Williams maintained that Geller was bent on provoking a reaction from extremists, Hannity pushed back against this sentiment. Geller called Williams' remarks "ridiculous" and accused the media of perpetuating untruths about her motives.

"I did not interrupt your ridiculous remarks," she snapped at Williams while the two were clashing over the matter. The liberal commentator later accused her of being all about "self-promotion" and not the cause of free speech — a claim she didn't appreciate.

"Your cause is imposing the Shariah," Geller told Williams.

Hannity said that extremists' reactions to cartoons show that those opposed to the American way of life will find any reason to attack.

"If a cartoon will provoke them, they will be provoked [by anything]," he said.

Watch the heated segment below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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