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This Guy Is an Animal': Man Gets a Rematch With His Old Enemy, a Burrito. Watch How He Handles It.


"This is easier than I remember."

Image via YouTube

It's enough food for four days.

He eats it in less than two minutes.

Matt Stonie, one of the country's top competitive eaters, tackled an old challenge in a video posted to YouTube Friday: a five-pound burrito.

Image via YouTube

Back in 2010, Stonie said, it took him three tries to eat the monster, and he was only able to eventually do it in a 15-minute struggle.

How'd he do on this rematch?

"This is easier than I remember," he managed to say clearly as he crammed the food down his throat.

Watch the incredible feat — total time, 1:50 — below:

On Reddit, commenters were both impressed and disgusted by the display.

"This guy is an animal," one commenter wrote. "[H]e doesn't even stop to chew or swallow just keeps taking bite after bite."

Another commented did some quick math.

"This guy must weigh under 200 lbs," the commenter wrote. "That's a 5 lbs burrito. He is now at least 4 percent burrito."

Stonie estimated that the burrito contained some 8,000 calories.

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