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MSNBC Host Advocates for Disarming Police Officers


"They just don't carry guns."

Image source: YouTube

Last month, Michael Moore issued a demand calling for guns to be taken away from police in America.

Tuesday night on MSNBC, a host advocated for the same thing.

Image source: YouTube

Michael Eric Dyson was filling in for Ed Schultz on Tuesday night. The lead story on the "Ed Show" was about a Wisconsin prosecutor's decision to not press charges in the police shooting death of a young black man in Madison. While the network waited for the victim's family to hold a press conference, Dyson, and panelists Joy Reid, Zerlina Maxwell and John Kelly talked about "inherent" and "implicit bias" in law enforcement.

At one point Kelly, a defense attorney, shared an off-camera discussion he had with Zerlina Maxwell. They speculated deaths like this don't happen in London where police do not carry guns. Dyson wondered, "Maybe we should take a line from the Bobbies there."

Watch the clip ending with Dyson's comment:

See an entire MSNBC segment with Dyson leading the panel in a discussion of the "inherent bias" among police officers.


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