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Glenn Beck Wants to Know if This Idea for a Series of TV Shows Is ‘Suicide\


"Even if you don't believe in the miracles, don't believe in God, it doesn't matter."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program May 7, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Thursday asked his audience if they believe it would be "suicide" to do a series of shows on the principles and stories from the Torah and New Testament. Some of his staff, he explained, believe "about 50 percent of our audience will tune out" if they move forward with the idea.

"And that could be," Beck admitted. "I joked with the guys that we should call the show, 'I Hate Church, but I Love God.' ... It's not the church. It's not the religion. It's not the doctrine. It's the principles behind it, and I'd like to hear your reaction to, does that sound like suicide or not?"

Beck said "you don't have to believe in the Bible" to be able to appreciate the wisdom it contains. Moreover, he said he isn't out to convince anyone of its veracity.

"[But] if you read the Bible, you understand why it's the textbook. It's the best story problem you've ever heard. It has all the lessons that, even if you don't believe in the miracles, don't believe in God, it doesn't matter," he said.

"It's the story of human nature going bad and being corrected," Beck continued, adding that it also illustrates "what works" and "what doesn't."

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