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Fox News Host Has a Tough Message for the 'Bullies' and 'Word Police' Who Claim That 'Thug' Is a Racial Slur


"You need to stop being so silly."

Image source: Fox News

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Monday lashed out at the "word police" who say it's racist to call violent and destructive protesters "thugs."

"Some said that using the term 'thug' to describe the violent rioters was racist. Racist?" Van Susteren said. "OK, that was silly and, worse, it was needless bullying that created a short-term distraction from real problems."

She then outlined her advice for the "bullies" whom she believes are unduly policing peoples' words.

"I told them to look up the word thug in the dictionary and they'd learn the definition ... it's violent criminal," Van Susteren said. "'Thug' is not a racial slur. It's a violent criminal."

The host went on to explain why she was raising the issue on her show, weeks after controversy erupted over the use of the word "thug," calling herself an "equal opportunity thug name-caller" and that the violent bike gangs who recently brawled in Texas also deserve the label.

She concluded the brief segment by further chastising the "word police."

"You need to stop being bullies and you need to stop being so silly — and start worrying about what is important," Van Susteren said, imploring critics of the word "thug" to instead focus on the events that are unfolding in American communities.

Watch her comments below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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