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This Country Is a Hellhole': Megyn Kelly Grills Donald Trump


"I think Pam Geller is a terrible messenger."

Megyn Kelly confronted businessman Donald Trump on Wednesday night on his potential 2016 presidential run, his views about infrastructure — and his free-speech stance surrounding Pamela Geller's controversial Muhammad cartoon contest.

Kelly began by taking pointed aim at Trump's recent tweets about the Amtrak disaster, claiming that he's wrong to blame it on infrastructure.

"What are you talking about? The guy was going twice the speed limit," Kelly said. "You cant blame the crash on infrastructure. The crash appears to be the fault of the driver. Infrastructure may have been able to overcome that, but it wasn't the cause."

Trump responded by explaining that, regardless of the Amtrak tragedy, "bridges are falling apart, the roads are falling apart. ... the airports look like hell," specifically describing New York City's LaGuardia Airport as "third world."

Kelly also brought up Trump's harsh critiques of Geller and her decision to hold a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas — a free-speech event that was targeted by two shooters earlier this month.

"I think Pam Geller is a terrible messenger. I think she's terrible," Trump said. "We have enough problems without taunting and driving everybody crazy."

But Kelly continued her defense of Geller, claiming that the grander point is about the protection of the First Amendment.

"What do we stand for as Americans if not for freedom of speech and the ability to express yourself?," she asked. "It was about people trying to shut down an American ideal."

Kelly also challenged Trump's purported presidential interest, claiming that he's never been "a military leader" or "actually governed a state," but the businessman shot back that he makes money all over the world and builds "great things."

"This country is a hellhole. We are going down fast," he said, adding that he wants to make America great again.

Trump will make an announcement about his potential run for president in June.

Watch Kelly and Trump discuss these issues below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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