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Hillary, impeachment and Scott Walker, oh my!


The Chris Salcedo Show was jam-packed full of information and points of view. We covered abortion, liberals, your money and the IRS, Obama's failed foreign policy and Ann Coulter.

Retired Air Force Col. Richard Brauer Jr. with Special Operations Speaks informed us that it's possible to impeach an official after they are out of office. He thinks Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, is a worthy candidate.

We also had a wide-ranging interview with a man who may face Hillary Clinton in a general election contest: the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. Walker commented on the Obama foreign policy and his vision to correct it. He talked about immigration reform. And he reacted strongly to Resident Obama's bashing of those parents who scrimp, save and sacrifice to allow their children to escape failing government schools by sending them to private schools.

To hear the case for Hillary's impeachment, cue to 10:50. And to hear Gov. Scott Walker, cue to 1:13:38:


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