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Watch the Faces of Rest of CNN Panel When Conservative Guest Gives Her Opinion on Caitlyn Jenner




Crystal Wright, also known on the web as “Conservative Black Chick,” expressed a different opinion about Caitlyn Jenner’s gender transition than her fellow panelists on Tuesday night — and it didn’t go over well.

Wright accused Jenner of exploiting the gender transition to make “millions of dollars,” leaving looks of disapproval on the faces of guests Zoey Tur, a transgendered reporter, and Perez Hilton.


“Real courage is not doing this in the public way, trying to sexualize photos in Vanity Fair because the average transgender person really struggling could never have that kind of reception, is never going to make millions of dollars off their struggle,” Wright said. “What Bruce Jenner is doing — Caitlyn — is not courage.”

“Yes it is! Real courage is living your life and not committing suicide!” Hilton interrupted. “Real courage is doing what you need to do to live!”

After discussing “gender dysphoria,” Tur scolded Wright for criticizing Jenner's publicized transition.

“To get into a yelling match with Crystal, who’s obviously a narcissist and an entertainment show with a blog site — conflating this, it’s absurd,” Tur said. “It’s not helping move the issues forward.”

At that point, Lemon actually stepped in and asked Tur not to name call on the show.

It didn’t seem to help much as Tur later mocked Wright after she explained she has a friend who is going through the “struggle” of being transgendered.

Tur rolled her eyes and snarked, “It’s like saying you know a black person — and she is a she now.”

Wright made it clear that she doesn't care if Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a woman, but she argued the way the transition is being rolled out and monetized is "repugnant."

Watch the tense segment below via CNN:


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