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Charles Krauthammer Says 'Obama's Arrogance on This Is Really Incomprehensible'


"There are a lot of options on the table that we have ignored."

Conservative political pundit Charles Krauthammer reacted Tuesday to comments President Barack Obama made recently about Russian President Vladimir Putin while overseas at the G7 summit.

Obama had contended that Putin has a clear choice to make: he can either continue "wreck his country's economy" or "violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries."

Krauthammer argued that that was a silly argument to make.

"Obama's arrogance on this is really incomprehensible," Krauthammer said. "He tells ISIS it's not Islamic. He tells the Israelis that he knows Jewish ethics and interest more than they do. And now he's instructing Putin on what the essence of Russian greatness is."

Krauthammer said that Putin has a high popularity rating in his country because he knows what Russians want.

"They want the Crimea and Ukraine. They're willing to suffer economically if necessary," the political pundit said. "We have done nothing against Putin. And there are a lot of options on the table that we have ignored."

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