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Cute Warning: Tiny Deer Born in New York Zoo Will Steal Your Heart



Image source: Twitter

The southern pudu (pronounced POO-do) from Argentina is the world's smallest species of deer. Reported to be just six inches tall at birth and typically never exceeding a foot tall (measured at the shoulders), the pudu rates high on the adorability scale.

Last month, a zoo in Queens, NY celebrated the arrival of a male fawn. A birth announcement sent out by the Wildlife Conservation Society shared more details on this rare species.

In addition to the pudu's diminutive size, the deer also barks when chased or threatened. Naturally shy and solitary animals, they are also said to be excellent jumpers and very quick sprinters.

This young fawn is part of the Queens Zoo's "Species Survival Program" and is the third southern pudu fawn born at the zoo in the last three years.

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