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All-Clear Given After White House Press Briefing Room Evacuated

Image source: Twitter

The White House press briefing room was temporarily evacuated Tuesday afternoon after a bomb threat was phoned in.

A Secret Service official walked into the room and interrupted the in-progress briefing around 2 p.m. Reporters were sent to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to wait.

The all-clear was given at approximately 2:35 p.m. White House press secretary Josh Earnest resumed the briefing about 10 minutes later, where he said the threat was phoned into the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, which alerted Secret Service.

Earnest confirmed to reporters that President Barack Obama was at the White House when the threat was received but said he was not moved. He said he did not know where precisely in the building Obama was at the time.

Earnest said the threat was specific to the press briefing room. Secret Service dogs were brought through to sniff the premises.

Reporters pressed Earnest on why Obama was not evacuated given the close quarters in the White House, but Earnest referred all questions to the Secret Service.

Earlier in the day, U.S. Capitol Police evacuated several floors of a Senate office building after a phoned-in bomb threat. Authorities gave the all-clear shortly after the incident.

TheBlaze's Fred Lucas contributed to this report.

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