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What Were '5 Black Helicopters' Doing Over a Michigan City?


"Never have seen them flying with my own eyes before."

Residents of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who were outside Thursday morning might have looked up at the sky to see five black helicopters soaring above, perhaps causing them to wonder why.

Some took to Twitter to share what they saw in the city that is home to the University of Michigan's main campus:

It is unclear at this point what exactly the helicopters were doing. Earlier this year though, two deer count surveys were conducted by the city via a helicopter.

A city spokeswoman for Ann Arbor told TheBlaze in an email she didn't have any information about the flyover but did say she knew it was not related to a deer survey.

The Ann Arbor Police Department did not immediately return TheBlaze's request for comment regarding the situation.

In some cases, similar helicopters flying over cities have been conducting training missions.

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