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Dueling Protests in McKinney Nearly Erupt in Violence — but News Cameras Captured a Moment That Should Be Front Page News


"They want to make it a black and white thing..."

Screengrab via KDFW-TV

Two groups of demonstrators, one supporting and the other protesting the police, faced off on Friday night in McKinney, Texas -- and violence nearly erupted. One group waved “black lives matter” signs while the other owned the slogan “back the blue.”

Screengrab via KDFW-TV

While local news reports mostly focused on the conflict, there was one positive moment that drastically stood out.

As anger brewed among the dueling protests, a black man protesting police brutality and a white man supporting the police unexpectedly came together to discuss their differences in a civil manner. The two men held hands, hugged and prayed together, KDFW-TV reported.

“They want to make it a black and white thing, it's not a black and white thing,” Lashadion Anthony said. "It's a community versus the police that are abusing their power. We're not saying that all police are racists and all police are bad, but there are certain police that are abusing their power.”

Screengrab via KDFW-TV

Screengrab via KDFW-TV

The other man, identified as Scott Harmaring by KDFW-TV, said the moment made it clear to him that opposing sides can “work together.”

“It means there's a chance that we can fix some of the problems in our society today if we'd all just learn to do what we just did and work together and pray together, there's a chance…the policeman that created the problem is gone, but that doesn't make our whole police department racist,” he added.

Watch the KDFW-TV report below: | Dallas-Fort Worth News, Weather, Sports


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