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The End of the World Is Near': The Strange Thing Found Outside These Homes That Has Some Feeling 'Mildly Threatened


Some residents in East Dallas, Texas, are claiming that they're incredibly uneasy after discovering a strange, handwritten note outside of their homes that cites Bible verses and proclaims that the end of the world is imminent.

One local named Bob Rosen discovered the letter taped to his house on Wednesday morning, calling the find "strange."

"My name is Jesus," the note starts out, going on to include references to New Testament verses in Mark and Luke. The brief letter concludes with the cryptic words, "The end of the world is near."

It is unclear whether it's an attempt to evangelize — or something more sinister.

"I felt slightly violated, maybe mildly threatened. I didn’t know why someone would be sharing this with me and pointing out the end of the world is near," he told KTVT-TV. "It could be perfectly innocent. But it’s strange."

While no one else on Rosen's street received it, homeowners in other neighborhoods did end up finding similar notes. Christine Smith, another person who found the same message outside her house, said that it made her feel "unsafe," KTVT-TV reported.

Smith contacted the Dallas Police Department, though they reportedly told her that there isn;t much they can do, but to keep an eye out in case the individual returns.


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