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Artwork of NY Prisoner Escapee Discovered, and You'll Never Guess Who It's Of: '100% Real. No Joke.'


"The stuff I'm going to tweet next is 100% real."


When NY reporter Alex Dunbar was about to introduce the artwork of one of the now-infamous prison escapees, Richard Matt, he had to begin with a warning: "The stuff I'm going to tweet next is 100% real. No joke."

That's because the images are quite unbelievable, partly because of their excellence and partly because of their subject matter. Who did Matt turn his artistic focus on? Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie and Oprah, just to name a few.

Below is the series of tweets and the pictures, many of which are dated 2011:

In a tweet explaining where Dunbar saw the photos (a friend who served time with Matt), there's appears to be a small black-and-white piece of work depicting Bill Clinton. That picture also appears in the tweet about Julia Roberts:

It's unclear what all the photos have in common, except for all being liberals. TheBlaze reached to Dunbar on Twitter regarding that very point:

Matt's political views are unknown.

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