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Whoopi on Dolezal: 'She wants to be a black woman? Fine.


On "The View," the ladies took a look at the fake-black-lady-Rachel-Dolezal controversy.

Near the end of this clip, Whoopi Goldberg was asked if she was mad about Rachel Dolezal posing as a black woman.

Quoth Whoopi:

I'm not mad at anybody. Look. Just like people say, "I feel like I'm a man. I feel like I'm a woman. I feel like I'm this," she feels like a black woman.

She wants to be a black woman? Fine. Everything that comes with that, she is prepared for. OK?

Allahpundit's take on it was spot on:

[Whoopi's] fine with Dolezal’s new identity so long as she’s prepared for "everything that comes with that." I asked that question this morning. What if Dolezal is prepared for it? What if she prefers to live as a black woman even if that means experiencing prejudice? If race is a social construct and the touchstone of that construct in America is oppression, why shouldn’t a white woman who’s willing to endure it because of her appearance, with no intention of changing that appearance, be treated as authentic?

Read the whole thing.

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