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Outspoken Comedian's Radical Plan to 'Save America in 10 Easy Steps' Will Likely Rile Up Left and Right


"Give everyone a gun"

Writer, comedian and provocateur Gavin McInnes wants to “save America” — and he thinks it can be done in “10 easy steps.”

McInnes, who recently joined fired SiriusXM radio host Anthony Cumia’s web-based venture, laid out his 10-point plan, which he argued is based on his “insane beliefs,” on his new show last week:

• Abolish prison

• Give everyone a gun

• Legalize drugs

• End welfare

• Close the borders

• Outlaw censorship

• Venerate the housewife

• Glorify the entrepreneur

• Recognize the West as the best

• Shut down the government

Most of the ideas will likely send many the far-left into hysterics, though some of the points will likely also spark dissent among conservatives. Factions on the right have certainly been wary about the prospect of legalizing drugs and would likely flat-out oppose "abolishing" prison.

Listen to McInnes's blunt logic behind each point via “The Gavin McInnes Show,” which airs Mondays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, below (Warning: Very strong language):


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