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Rush Limbaugh Outlines Seven Words and Phrases He Says Have Been 'Totally Redefined' in the 'Age of Obama


"Totally redefined."

Rush Limbaugh

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh argued many words and phrases have been “totally redefined” in the “age of Obama.”

Among them, according to Limbaugh, are “marriage,” “taxes,” “gross domestic product,” “employed,” “recession,” “full-time job” and “recovery.”

Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh

“‘Marriage,’ totally redefined…'Taxes’ are now ‘shared responsibility payments,’” Limbaugh said. “‘Gross domestic product’ has been redefined under Obama to include ‘thoughts.’ There's even a move on to eliminate a statistic reporting gross domestic product.”

The radio host argued that a “full-time job” has been “redefined to 30 hours a week” and “employed” has taken on an entirely new meaning due to how the government is calculating unemployment numbers.

Limbaugh continued: “’Recession’ is no longer two successive negative quarters of GDP, because we can't have a recession reported under Obama. There isn't to be any bad economic news. So we redefine ‘recession’ by not even reporting it. ‘Recovery,’ economic recovery has been redefined. There hasn't been an economic recovery since Obama took office. We have been stagnating. We have been in an economic malaise. We've been in the second term of Jimmy Carter.”

Additionally, there are now a “host of words and phrases” that have become “racist,” “sexist,” “bigoted,” or “homophobic.”


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