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Apartment Ad Appears to Use Anti-Semitic Slur…Then Someone Dialed the Phone Number


"... in today’s society we know what the slurs are."

The word emblazoned on the apartment ads posted around a Brooklyn neighborhood gave some residents pause.

The ads featured an image of a house with the text underneath: "Apartment For Rent Call KIKE."

“I definitely noticed it,” Susan Joyce, 36, told DNAinfo. “It’s kind of odd.”

There was a phone number underneath the text — and a Spanish-speaking man on the other end.

The man said the all-caps word on the ad is his last name, pronounced KEY-kay. He told DNAinfo he didn't realize his name doubles as an anti-Semetic slur, and hung up the phone.

For one neighborhood resident, the misunderstanding is still a problem.

“Even if that is your name, in today’s society we know what the slurs are,” Chris Cabeza, 31, told the news site.

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