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Police Teach 3-Year-Old a Lesson About Parking His Bike Responsibly...His Reaction Is Just Adorable



Halifax Police gave a three-year-old a fake ticket after he illegally parked his plastic motorcycle. (Image credit: Halifax Regional Police)

Canadian police showed their humorous side after a three-year-old illegally parked his plastic motorcycle by the waterfront, and a photo of the little one receiving the ticket has gone viral internationally.

"Amazing! I hope he didn't try to talk his way out of it!" one person wrote on Twitter. "Awesome to see the fun side of officers show and the little fella is too cute for words," another added.

Time reports that Declan Tramley's father worked with police to administer the fake ticket.

Halifax Const. Shawn Currie agreed with good humor, recalling: "This one young fellow comes down, he brings his little motorcycle down and he parked it just like the big motorcycles. We thought it would be funny to go over and I pretended to write a ticket for him ... it just created all kinds of atmosphere."

Currie said it was "just perfect timing" when the boy's father took the picture, so they posted the image to the Halifax Police social media accounts. The photo has been liked more than 12,000 times on their Facebook page alone.

"This was all just in good humor. The three-year-old, he doesn't understand it," Currie said. "For him it's just meeting a police officer. I gave him a shoulder patch too."

Time reports that Tramley loves the police, and was so excited about the run-in with his heroes that he tried to bring the ticket to bed.

“We’re not always making arrests and hauling people away," Currie remarked. "We like to have fun.”

CTV News has more on the story:

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