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Listen Closely to Response of Pope Francis When Bolivian President Gives Him a Communist Crucifix


"No esta bien eso."

Not long after he arrived in Bolivia, Pope Francis was presented with a gift from the nation’s president — and the Catholic leader didn’t seem appreciative.

In video footage posted online Thursday, Bolivian President Evo Morales can be seen presenting the Pope with a crucifix that’s shaped like the communist hammer and sickle.

“No esta bien eso,” Pope Francis responded in Spanish, which translates to “that’s not right.”

Rome Reports sums up the awkward moment: “The Pope was not amused, and he let the president know about it.”

As NewsBusters and the Wall Street Journal note, President Morales also "draped a medallion over [the pope's] neck that bore the hammer and sickle."

Both the Vatican and Bolivia later asserted that no offense was intended or taken in regards to the controversial cross.


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