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Local Weatherman Left 'Speechless' by Taylor Swift Tweet: 'Wow


A meteorologist in the Washington, D.C., area said he was left "speechless" Monday after Taylor Swift tweeted video of his forecast which was inspired by the pop singer's songs.

WTTG-TV meteorologist Mike Thomas delivered a Swift-themed forecast Monday morning, ahead of the singer's local concert later that night.

Thomas' nearly-two minute "Swiftie forecast" managed to include popular lyrics from many of Swift's hit songs.

"I know what you're thinking, 'Mike, I knew you were trouble when you walked in, Mr. Weatherman,'" he began his forecast saying. "Well, guess what, I have some good news that might make you fearless come the concert later on this evening."

It rained Monday morning in D.C., prompting many to worry that Swift's concert was in danger of being cancelled. The bad weather, however, passed and the concert went on as scheduled.

Upon noticing Thomas' forecast, Swift tweeted it out to hear approximately 60 million followers.

The tweet stunned the local meteorologist, who said his phone was "going crazy" as a result.

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