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This Is What Happens to a Microwave Oven When You Trap a Water Bottle Inside — and It Isn't Pretty


"I think we managed to destroy it, quite good."

Image source: YouTube

Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson, the same pair of Swedish brothers who sent a donut into space earlier this year, have just shown us how easily a microwave oven can be exploded using a sealed bottle of water and some duct tape.

Image source: YouTube

The experiment involved a bottle of water, sealed and placed inside a microwave oven that would be duct taped closed and the power turned on.

The brothers set up the microwave on a rock outside the home of a friend in the small town of Lysekil, Sweden. They put the bottle inside, duct taped the door shut and set the timer. After turning on the oven, both the brothers run for cover.

After sixteen minutes inside the microwave oven, the water inside the bottle was probably boiling resulting in steam that created incredible pressure. The steam eventually forced the bottle to explode in dramatic fashion.

Image source: YouTube

A camera placed near the doomed microwave oven captured the moment and showed the front door of the appliance sailing through the air.

Image source: YouTube

As you can see in this photo, the entire oven was destroyed by explosion created by a small, sealed bottle of boiling water.

Image source: YouTube

TheBlaze contacted Alexander Jönsson about the "experiment."

"This was the first time we tried with a water bottle," the younger Jönsson told us. "We have tried with 3-4 different things to blow up a microwave with but they did not work as good as simple water filled glass bottle did."

When asked if the noise or explosion sparked any complaints, Alexander replied, "Nobody complained, but the house owner was a bit skeptical about the idea at first. But, we convinced him that it would be fun.

"He agreed to let us try to microwave the bottle. He did like the explosion when he saw it."

Watch the video showing the set up, explosion and aftermath from the experiment:


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