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Mysterious Underground Booms Have Been Rocking This Ohio City – and Nobody Seems to Know What's Causing Them


"We don't know."

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A series of underground explosions in one of Ohio's largest cities has authorities and residents completely baffled.

The most recent boom occurred Tuesday afternoon in downtown Toledo – the fifth such occurrence in just one month, WTOL-TV reported.

UPDATE: Madison Ave is closed between Huron and Erie due to the underground fire. Fire crews say the street should be reopened soon. STORY:

Posted by WTOL NEWS 11 on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

People inside at least one building were forced to evacuate as smoke billowed out. The Toledo Fire Department responded and later determined that the source of the explosion was from an underground electrical pit.

"We don't know. There were initial reports of a lightning strike," TFD Battalion Chief Brent Wettle said.

"However, it was during a rain storm as well, so when you get a lot of water in those pits that can cause a short in the wiring, it could possibly be that as well," Wettle added.

The blast was just the latest in a series of bizarre occurrences that have rocked the city in the past four weeks. The first explosion came on June 15. Four more, all of which were reported on different streets, have followed since then.

Toledo Edison, the local electric company, cut off power supply to the area affected by the most recent explosion. It said it plans to reopen once the problem has been fixed.

Representatives from the city of Toledo and Toledo Edison did not immediately respond to requests for comment from TheBlaze on Wednesday.


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