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After Obama Delivers Chattanooga Remarks, Krauthammer Notices Pattern He Finds to Be Alarming


After President Barack Obama delivered brief remarks in response to the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that claimed the lives of four Marines, conservative political pundit Charles Krauthammer said he noticed a pattern.

The Fox News contributor said the attack on military personnel is an "example of radical Islam at work" and slammed the president for suggesting it was an isolated incident.

"The general issue is radical Islam," he stated. "And unless we have a president who immediately says 'this is a lone gunman,' how does he know?"

"I think it's sort of the whole six and a half years of Obama always wanting to err on the side of downplaying the threat. The threat is radical Islam, which he won't say," Krauthammer added. "The war is going to be generational."

Krauthammer contended that by calling the shooter a "lone gunman," Obama "disconnected the dots."

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