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I'm a Black Man': ESPN Commentator Stephen A. Smith Ignites Firestorm With Bold Take on 'Black Lives Matter


He was called every name in the book for his opinion.


ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith has made a habit of going against the grain on controversial issues -- and he continued that trend on Tuesday.

Weighing in on the divisive "black lives matter" movement, Smith asked Twitter why there's not outrage among "black lives matter" advocates when "black folks are killing black folks."


He then defended Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley for proclaiming "all lives matter." The Democrat was booed by demonstrators and was later forced to apologize for saying all lives matter.

"I'm a black man. Of course I know #BlackLivesMatter," Smith wrote. "You can't boo a presidential candidate just b/c he says 'all lives matter'."

Read Smith's remarks below:

Smith was called an “idiot,” “coon,” “clown,” “sell out” and much more for his opinion.

Former CNN host Piers Morgan also got into an exchange with Marc Lamont Hill over the issue.

Despite backlash from Hill and others, Morgan stood his ground.

(H/T: Mediaite)


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