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‘I’m Still an Emotional Wreck’: David Beckham Leaves Family in Tears After Visit to Their Home


"Our lives have changed."

Soccer star David Beckham visited a California family recently — and presented them a gift that left everyone in tears.

As part of Ryan Seacrest's new show "Knock Knock: Live," Beckham traveled to the home of the Gonzales family to give them a surprise.

The 40-year-old athlete first offered each person a brand new iPhone with a 10-year prepaid plan. Then he offered a gift that left really astonished them — a $100,000 check.

More from the Daily Mail:

Seacrest explained that the soccer icon was en route to the home of the Gonzales family. The father, Victor, had been a professional soccer player in Mexico but had to give it up and take a job in construction to support his family - and he only got to see them once a month.

Seacrest revealed that Beckham, who himself came from a working-class background, wanted to recognize a hard-working family similar to his own.

"Oh my God!" members of the Gonzales family shouted.

"I'm still an emotional wreck," the mother Claudia said, reflecting on the incident.

"It feels like a dream," another family member said. "It feels like I'm going to wake up back to reality. But, our lives have changed."

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