California Lawmakers Send Defiant Message to NRA After Taking Major Action on Gun Control

Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to make it illegal to be in possession of high-capacity ammo magazines, likely setting up a new Second Amendment battle in the Golden State.

After passing the measure with a 12-0 vote, Councilman Paul Krekorian reportedly challenged the National Rifle Association.

“If the NRA wants to sue us over this, bring it on.” he said.

Even though California law already prohibits the manufacturing of high-capacity magazines, lawmakers argued the so-called “loophole” that allowed people to own them has become a public safety issue amid recent shootings.

People who own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will have 60 days from the time the law goes into effect to destroy, legally sell or surrender them. Violators will face a misdemeanor charge, The Los Angeles Times reported.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the NRA urged Los Angeles officials to start enforcing federal gun laws before passing new gun control measures.

“Instead of passing new bans that criminals ignore and prosecutors neglect—while leaving good, law-abiding citizens disarmed—maybe Los Angeles should improve its shameful record as one of the worst cities in the U.S.when it comes to enforcing existing federal gun laws against criminals,” the gun rights group said.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the NRA planned to fight the magazine ban via the legal system.