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They Were Trapped 2,300 Feet Underground for Two Months. Here's the Chilean Miners' Harrowing Story Like You've Never Seen It.


"The devil couldn't do anything because God was present."

The harrowing story of 33 Chilean miners who found themselves trapped 2,300 feet underground for two long and grueling months absolutely stunned the world.

And five years after their much-publicized rescue in October 2010, the ordeal will be brought to the big screen with the November release of the feature film "The 33."

One of the most compelling elements of the story was the role that faith and religion played in sustaining the miners, who many feared would never survive such a long period underground.

It's a detail that Warner Bros. focused on in a trailer for the film, starring Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips, that was released by the entertainment company this week.

Watch the video below:

In a profile published on Tuesday just one day before the fifth anniversary of their entrapment, the real-life miners told CNN about how their Christian faith guided them through what could have easily been a deadly scenario.

"The devil couldn't do anything because God was present," trapped miner Luis Urzua told the outlet. "When we prayed, we didn't pray to get rescued; we prayed for the people outside not to abandon us."

Read more about the story here.

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