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Woman in Viral Black Lives Matter Video Is Asked What She'd Say to Critics. She Answers in Two Words


"What do you say to them?"

The St. Louis woman who posted what has now become a viral video aimed at Black Lives Matter protesters appeared on CNN and directed a two-word message to critics who have leveled derogatory attacks against her: "bite me."

Speaking with host Don Lemon, Peggy Hubbard explained that she was extremely frustrated with demonstrators. The St. Louis woman, married to a cop, contended that the Black Lives Matter movement ignored the recent death of a 9-year-old girl killed by a stray bullet while doing homework, but protested for a man police say pointed a gun at them while executing a search warrant.

Lemon asked how she would respond to critics who have blasted her with hateful comments since her video message went viral.

"What do you say to them?" the CNN host asked.

"Bite me," she answered. "I am not afraid to speak my mind. If they want to say that, knock yourself out. Freedom of speech."

"But the truth hurts. And they know, deep down inside, they know that I am telling the truth. They know that I am speaking the word," she added. "They can call me whatever they want ... call me all the names you want. Whatever makes you feel better. But I'm not going to stop."

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