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Zoo Crocodile Caught on Video Clamping Down on Fellow Croc's Limb. Then Things Took a More Graphic Turn.


After a couple of violent twists ...

Image source: YouTube

As a video camera rolled, a zoo worker tossed a large fish into a muddy crocodile pen while onlookers awaited their chance to witness a feeding in person.

Image source: YouTube

But they saw something else entirely.

One crocodile bypassed the fish and instead clamped down on a fellow croc's limb, eliciting some excited reactions from those assembled behind the chain-link fence.

Image source: YouTube

But folks' apparent wonder over wildlife shifted when the croc began twisting its body — with the other croc's limb still in its mouth.

Image source: YouTube

Then came a scream, some gasps and at least one baby crying.

After a couple of violent twists, the croc chomped off his penmate's limb —

Image source: YouTube

— and apparently gobbled it down with a couple of quick gulps.

Image source: YouTube

The Live Leak version of the video indicates it occurred in Australia.

Here's the clip (content warning: The scene is graphic and may disturb some readers):

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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