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These are the action steps Glenn Beck says Americans should be taking

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 12, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck says Americans need to turn to God as evil rampages across the world and America becomes a nation "hell-bent on our own destruction."

"I want you to hear me clearly," Beck said on his television program Wednesday. "There is no other answer now. I have talked about this for 15 years. We're passing all the exits. They're all gone. The bridge is out. There's no other answer. So now we all have to act as individuals and just be seen standing. If nothing else, be seen standing even if you're all alone ... by God."

Pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church agreed, remarking: "Each person can make a difference in their own church. Their church can make a difference in the community. You get enough churches working together in a community, you can transform a city. You get enough cities together, you can transform a state. We get enough states together, perhaps we can transform the country."

Blair said people should remember that the church has always been controversial, and only now are people so afraid of being called politically incorrect that they won't stand for unpopular positions.

"Truth is true for all people in all times in all places," he concluded. "And it doesn't matter whether you're a black pastor or a white pastor, whether you're a country pastor or a city pastor. We have got to be boldly proclaiming the truth to our people and in our culture. Then we'll see a transformation of society."

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