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For the Record': Why the Eight Words Used to Sell the Iran Deal No Longer Seem to Apply


Both houses of Congress are expected to take up debate over the Iran nuclear agreement this week, where despite some sharp opposition, President Barack Obama now holds enough Senate votes to keep the deal intact.

For nearly two months the Obama administration has warned that if Congress rejects the proposal, “it’s resolved through force, through war. Those are the options.”

But well before the agreement was announced in July, the administration was adamant that the negotiations needed to result in a reasonable deal for all parties; the president even insisted that a bad deal would have dire consequences and was not an option.

Current and former Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and National Security Adviser Susan Rice all said that if the interests of the U.S. and its allies were not protected, no agreement would be a preferable course of action when it comes to dealing with Iran.

What changed? What suddenly made "no deal" a completely unacceptable option?  This For the Record short examines the dramatic shift in the administration's position and what it means to global security and the shift in power in the Middle East.

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