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First Responder Explains 'What a Lot of the General Public' Doesn't Understand About 9/11


Fourteen years after the September 11 terror attacks, first responders and family members spoke to TheBlaze about how the day forever changed their lives.

One medic, who lost his partner in the attacks, described the day as "devastating." He explained to TheBlaze that the day will forever haunting, something he wasn't sure the general public fully understood.

"What a lot of the general public don't understand is 9/11 is one day for them but it's 365 days for us first responders that survived it," he said.

A firefighter told TheBlaze that it's important to go back to ground zero "year after year" to prove that "we have not forgotten."

"The destruction, the carnage — unreal. Nothing like I've ever seen in my life," he said of the day. "I did not lose friends, I lost brothers."


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