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Annual Muslim Day Parade in NYC Attended by Almost Nobody

Image source: YouTube

What if there was a parade and nobody showed up besides the marchers?

It seems none of the displays from previous Muslim Day Parades in New York City — the "black flags of jihad"; floats with girls riding in a cage in the back of a pickup truck; a hanging female mannequin draped in Egypt's flag; and a man riding a chariot down Madison Avenue while cracking a whip and chanting "freedom! Freedom!" — were present on Sunday.

Also missing from the 30th annual Muslim Day Parade: attendees.

Image source: YouTube

The blogger Urban Infidel has covered the parade in past years, capturing photos and videos that showed a much better-attended event than what took place Sunday.

For instance, crowds swarmed NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as the parade was about to start in 2013.

Image source: YouTube

The Urban Infidel told TheBlaze there was a "noticeable drop in the number of floats in the parade" compared to previous years, and that in addition to the lack of attendees watching the parade, what was supposed to be a massive group prayer was much smaller this time as well.

Compare the parade prayer in 2013:

Image source: YouTube


Image source: YouTube

TheBlaze spoke with Muslim Day parade organizer Ainuel Haque about the anemic attendance and participation in the 2015 event. Haque blamed the diminished crowds and lack of floats and marchers on the city of New York. "We requested Sept. 20, and the city gave us Sept. 13," Haque said, adding, "Schools had just opened that week, and students were not prepared to participate."

See more images from Sunday:

(H/T: Urban Infidel)

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